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Website Policy

1. Notes for Using Our Sites

Urban Resorts Showa-no-Mori Co.,Ltd's facility's websites
(all the directories, miscellaneous programs for booking, and e-mail transmission programs under,,,, and Hereinafter referred to as "this site") are operated by Urban Resorts Showa-no-Mori Co.,Ltd ("our company") or our company's representative. Please take time to read the following user policy before using our company's website (When you use the website, you will be regarded as having agreed to the user policy. As the user site is subject to change without notice, please always make sure to check the latest information).

2. Copyright

The information published on this site is protected by the copyright possessed by our company.
Using the information for private or other use exceeding the legally authorized scope is prohibited, except as licensed by our company in writing.

3. Cancellation/Modification of Operation of This Site

Operation of this site may be suspended or cancelled for the following reasons.

  • Maintenance/inspection and replacement of device, system, and facility necessary for the operation of this site.
  • Failure or fault of device and system due to disaster, natural disaster, accident, etc.
  • Other cases when our company deems it necessary to stop this site.
Our company's service contents provided on this site are subject to being changed or deleted without notice.

4. Disclaimer

Although we pay minute attention to the information published on this site, guarantees are not provided regarding accuracy/adequacy/safety of those contents.

  • Concerning our company's operational details, existing conditions prioritize descriptions on the site.
  • Our company assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by using this site.
  • Our company assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by suspension/cancellation of this site.

5. Link to Us

Link to our company's websites is generally in the public domain, as long as such linking is non-profitable and meets certain necessary conditions. Linking from the following websites, however, is strictly prohibited.

  • A website contrary to public order and morality
  • A website that defames, disparages, or slanders a certain individual or group or capable of being the case
  • A website that charges the use charge to a user when the user accesses to this site
  • A website that could damage the public confidence in our company
  • A website that is against our will or our company deems unsuitable

Even in the case where we have licensed the linking once, we may cancel the license when we deem licensing of the linking inadequate due to various reasons that became clear after that.
This site is linked to a website operated by a third party other than our company. It is the third party's responsibility to operate those websites this site links to. Our company assumes no responsibility for any contents of such link destinations or any damage caused by using those links.
Our company does not intend to recommend products, services, companies, etc. published on those websites this site links to, and such linking does not imply that any special relationship such as tie-up exists between this site and those link destinations.

6. Protection of Personal Information

This site may request our customers to provide personal information when performing procedures such as booking / inquiry / member registration. When this site requests our customers to provide personal information, we expressly indicate the purpose of use and will not use the information for any other purpose.
For more information on our Privacy Policy, read here.