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Privacy Policy

Urban Resorts Showa-no-Mori Co.,Ltd

Urban Resorts Showa-no-Mori Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "our company") respects our customers' privacy, consider protection of our customers' personal information with care as a key responsibility, and comply with laws concerning personal information, setting rules on handling of personal information as follows to do our best to prevent leakage, misappropriation, and falsification of personal information.

■Collection of Personal Information

When our company collects personal information from our customers, we expressly indicate the purpose of use and conduct collection activity within the limit necessary.

  • Contents reported and notified by our customer to our company through booking etc.
  • Contents filled out in miscellaneous application forms etc.
  • Answers to questionnaire questions.
  • Information generated from our customer's use of our facilities and its settlement.

■Use of Personal Information

Personal information our company has requested from our customers will be used within the scope for the following purposes.

  • Information about our company's events, new products, or business operation.
  • Information about the operation of each member organization.
  • Management of booking etc.
  • Delivery of questionnaires to provide better service.

We may apply numeric, statistical processing to the information paying due regard not to identify any individual customer.

■Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

Our company never provides or discloses our customers' personal information to a third party, except for the cases as follows.

  • When our customer has consented.
  • When personal information needs to be disclosed to a company with which our company signs an outsourcing contract in order to implement the purpose for collection expressly indicated to our customer.
  • When personal information has been reprocessed as statistical data so that any individual customer can be identified.
  • When requested based on laws and regulations.

■Management of Personal Information

Our company implements appropriate safety management to protect our customers' personal information from loss・theft・leakage・modification, etc. from outside. Also when we outsource the handling of personal information, we specify matters concerning handling of personal information in a contract etc. for close supervision・control.

■Disclosure・Correction・Deletion of Personal Information

Disclosure・correction・deletion of personal information will be handled after having confirmed the identity of the person him・herself who made the request.

■Handling of Personal Information on the Website

Our company will pay the maximum attention to the handling of personal information on the website operated by our company (hereinafter referred to as "this site"), according to this policy. Our company assumes no responsibility for the security of our customer's personal information on the websites our site links to.

◆Use of Cookies

This site uses Cookies.
Our customer can customize browser settings to display showing that it is a site using Cookies or refuse the receipt.

◆Access Log

This site uses an access log file for use tendency analysis and management. Although this allows us to gain access to information such as pages visited, staying time on the page, movement tendency between pages, and internet browsing software (browser), etc., we never use such information to collect personal information.

◆Encryption of information / Information Management Measures

For data communication of personal information, this site uses "SSL(encryption for communication)" on every page our customers use to enter their personal information.

■Amendment of Privacy Policy

Contents of the Privacy Policy are subject to amendment according to changes in laws・regulations or social environments.

■Contact for Inquiry regarding Personal Information

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